Thursday, May 6, 2010

Open Mic

I did it. I sang at open mic for the very first time. Squee!

I signed up for a time slot at an awesome joint's open mic and performed five songs tonight:

Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman
I'm Alive by Dave Matthews and Kenny Chesney
You're Lyric to My Melody by yours truly
Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers
The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

Although it was 8 p.m., the place still had some very full tables and the crowd was great. I was a little nervous at first. When we were doing sound check, I forgot that my guitar has a volume knob. Hopefully vocals and guitar came off good. Sound system was excellent, for a small venue. I love having an acoustic electric.

I had my song book open but rarely referred to it. It was open "just in case". I liked engaging the audience in eye contact, and some people were complimentary. I know it was just "open mic" but I still feel like I reached a new level tonight with my singing and guitar endeavors. I love love love the fact that I could perform on a guitar and accompany myself. I am over the moon about that. I feel like I can do anything musically speaking. Guitar is such a beautiful and portable instrument!

What I loved: when some of the rowdies would hush at parts of my songs, when people were really paying attention to me, when my songs came off like I'd planned!

I hope to go to more in the future, though I am limited as far as our family's schedule. But tonight was a start. I feel more confident that if I aspire to perform at a community event like the county fair, i could do this. I plan to write more songs to perform in the future. I am leaning towards a blues/country feel to my songs.

Sometimes I feel guilty because my music is kind of a distraction from my writing, but I like to think of it as enriching me as a person. I love having music in my life!