Friday, November 6, 2009

A Pink Guitar

Last night, I checked out a pink acoustic electric guitar I saw for sale on KSL. I tried to see by phone if it might be a good match for me. The lady said it had been hers, used only twice. A Dean that didn't show up on Google.

So I went to the house and I could tell right away that apart from the blindingly pink color, it didn't have a lot to recommend it. I tried it anyway. It wouldn't hold a tune and it sounded worse than mine. So I thanked her and left quickly.

I would have loved a pink guitar, but I guess I am back to looking at the "normal" ones.

I borrowed a friend's daughter's amp to plug the guitar in just in case I was serious (I didn't.) At her house, my friend showed me her daughter's room. It was decorated with a couple of old-fashioned records on one wall, green and black motif room. Very spotless, with a white electric guitar in the corner. This girl is so lucky! She has the electric, a black acoustic, and for Christmas will most likely get an acoustic electric.

And then I got thinking of all the money we spend on horses, and how by now I could have a Taylor.

Life doesn't work that way though. Horses in our life are a given. But I still want a nice guitar. I'm getting there!