Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm no green girl, but...

Since I've started singing with the band, I have been listening to more classic rock music and looking at lyrics, so I can make suggestions for our playlist.

I'm no green girl, but zoinks, have I actually been listening to that music? Some of the songs are quite sexual in nature, and I've had to stop mid-karaoke so my kids (and I) don't have to listen to them. An example: Rolling Stones' Satisfaction.

My husband said, "Does that surprise you?"

Thankfully, before I signed up to be the singer for this band, I told the guys upfront that I would not sing anything overtly sexual/crude/pro-alcohol-or-drugs in nature so I didn't have to cover my kids' ears.

*overtly* Even the subtle ones are disturbing.

I wonder if songs from the man's point of view have this issue more than ones from the woman's point of view. Before you put a hex on me, understand that I am not making a generalization on how men are, just seems that some of the rock songs I've come across are from the male point of view and some lyrics can be really frat-party material.

I 'll have to check out some from both camps and compare.


April Hollands said...

I remember growing up listening to all these songs, and it's only now when I listen that I realise there's a far less innocent meaning to the song. I never understood those things when I was a kid/teenager - I just enjoyed the music. I do think that guys see an element of 'cool' in singing how/when/with whom they get if success and fame isn't enough for them!

Chandy said...

It sounds like you are having fun with the band. And kudos to you on being firm about your expectations!

Melanie Avila said...

I just found your new blog - very cool and I LOVE the design!

I'm sometimes surprised when I really listen to the lyrics of songs that I've mindlessly sung along to for years. Maybe your kids will stay in the dark just as long.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I love the Stones :-) And, yes, I even listen to some Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne...BUT...usually I don't pay attention to the lyrics. Typical teen-age excuse from a so-not-a-teen-ager :-) Of course, I draw the line when it's overtly nasty. I can't do nasty :-)

Pink Ink said...

April: It'll be interesting to see how I will affect the mix of this band as they have been playing together for on-off three years now.

Chandy: Yeah, I was a little quaky saying my caveats, but this way, there will be no surprises. They've been very nice about it.

Melanie: Thanks. Re: the design...I was having fun tinkering with the header.

I hope my kids are in the dark for as long as they can be :-)

Marivic: I don't usually pay attention to the lyrics either, not till I have to sing them :-) I might be tweaking some words here and there.

The Margin Wight said...

WHy don't you just re-write the lyrics that offend? Or sing them unintelligibly? Everybody's watching the drummer anyway.

Pink Ink said...

Margin: Yeah, I have to change some words around anyway, for the gender...but songs like Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" I just would be rewriting a LOT to make any sense of it.

Mmm, I hope SOME people will be watching me, too :-) although we have a really good drummer.