Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jimi Who?

I grew up on Henry Mancini, Carpenters, and Burt Bacharach. In high school, I watched a lot of MTV so I could carry on an intelligent discussion with my friends at school the next day. In college, I indulged in Latin music and classical music depending on my date for the weekend.

My senior year, my boyfriend-now-husband introduced me to classic rock from the 60's and 70's. He took me fishing and played Doobie Brothers on their boat. We spent a lot of time listening to his long-playing records while he cooked Hamburger Helper for me in his apartment. Because I always associated his music with good food and company, the music began to grow on me.

But he didn't get to Jimi Hendrix. I have a play list of standards that my band, who had a male lead singer previously, would like me to learn and it includes a couple of his songs.

Three words: Are they serious?

L said, "Sometimes, it's neat to hear a female cover male rock songs."

I watched Jimi on You Tube and felt my heart sinking to my toes. I couldn't possibly cover that, could I? Of course, I didn't think I'd ever be posting about my adventures as the lead singer for a band.


Firecat said...

Sometimes songs recorded by male performers are better when done by females. You never know until you try.

Hope you have lots of fun with this Jewel!

spyscribbler said...

Red? Jewel, you're supposed to be pink! LOL... and yeah, I think Jimi Hendrix would be awesome covered by a female voice. :-)

If cellos can play Metallica, anything is possible!

Pink Ink said...

Firecat: Yeah, it's fun singing some. My favorite is House of the Rising Sun. Once I figure out what Mr. Hendrix is saying, I think I might give it a shot.

Spy: I had to go with the color theme, ya know...Pink Ink, Green-Broke, etc. :-) Speaking of instruments, I'm discovering I like the power of playing the tambourine, ha ha.

Ed said...

I see I'm not the only one who grew up with a wacky range in musical taste! :D

Don't worry about the whole male/female vocal thing. It's been done successfully by everyone from Suzi Quatro to Sarah Brightman.

Pink Ink said...

Ed: Ah, that's right, I remember your post about that :-)