Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gelling Together

I listened to a recording of our practice from two weeks ago. Some great moments, but mix of vocals to drums and guitars were not very even. Some things I learned:

- doing a lot better in It Makes No Difference
- need to not sing as hard in All Day and All Night
- same for Lean on Me
- though not perfect, my voice is getting can only get better with all this singing
- B can sing! I should encourage this more during our own practice. They usually sing some "guy songs" after I leave.

Fun practice tonight.

I sang four songs from the band's old playlist, and they came off pretty good. Tweaked Message In a Bottle some, but overall, it sounded great. I liked improvising, which was inspired by a video I found of a female singer doing a cover of this song. Surprised to really enjoy Pork And Beans, a cover of Weezer's song. That rocked the house, and got us all just relaxing. B played the kazoo which made me almost laugh. Big Me is a sweet, simple song, and that was fun, too. I channeled Jimi Hendrix for All Along The Watchtower. I don't know if I got that song right, but I gave it my best rocker shot.

We did a lot better on:

I love rock n roll (finally! drawling speed which is better)
Lean on Me (I got most of the clapping right, and harmonized with L)
I Can't Tell You Why (Yay, I got the lyrics right!)

Played their originals, Bad Drivers and My Baby Lies. A lot better this time. R commented that My Baby sounds good with a female singer.

So all in all, a good practice.

As I was leaving, R shocked me by asking me if there is a song I'd like the band to learn. So I jumped on the opportunity and said, Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot. So the band will be learning it! I am so excited, especially after my last post.

I think part of his willingness to do this is because I am willing to learn their songs.

The band is gelling together, it seems.


Melanie Avila said...

That's so cool they asked you that. You're part of the team!!

Pink Ink said...

Thanks Melanie. Yeah, I'm excited!