Friday, May 8, 2009


My post title is a nod to my fellow band-mates, who most if not all have served in the military.

Last night's practice was both good and not so good.

I tried singing most songs from memory, and flubbed on some lyrics. But I tried really hard to "feel" the songs, and so music-wise I think I did better. I moved around more, around the keyboard I usually hide behind, and it was weird to sing and hear myself on the amp behind me. I need myself a cardboard cutout of Simon Cowell to sing to. Ha ha. That would really be encouraging.

As it is, I usually close my eyes or look at a white wall.

I'm getting mixed signals. On the one hand, R said from early on, "We don't have aspirations of going professional."

But then last night he said, "What would be so cool is to play at a bar where people pay to hear us sing."

Makes me wonder what our band would be striving for a year from now.

I found us a gig for a June 6 rodeo weekend, but after some friendly debate, we decided we wouldn't do that big of a venue yet.

I was hoping they'd say yes, but I do agree we're not as solid as would be ideal. But I hope we don't have to be perfect, like R says we should be, before we perform in public. Coz, well, that'd be waiting a long time.

So many of my family and friends ask me when we are performing, and I feel the compelling need to do so, too. But on the other hand, I stress about having to remember all the lyrics. I hope getting down the lyrics will come to me in time. Is this a talent one just has innately, or is it learned, I wonder?

So our band agreed on a compromise. To have a goal, but for a smaller group. In August, for my birthday, I'll host a barbeque for friends and family up a canyon (away from noise ordinances). And sing and have a good ol' time. And D is talking about having us perform for his church, too.

It might not be a grand concert but it's a start.


Melanie Avila said...

I think that type of "debut" would be the best. Surrounded by your friends and loved ones is the best way to baby-step into the performing world. :)

Anonymous said...

The desire to perform is a powerful one, isn't it? But you've probably got the right idea. It'll help get that confidence up--because confidence is probably the single biggest factor you need to perform well in front of an audience.

Pink Ink said...

Melanie: *baby steps* so true! I feel kinda bad that my band has had to readjust around me, but such is the nature of the game. I am excited to host this party.

Isaac: Funny you should say that. One of my bandmates commented that was a big factor in their former lead singer's success: confidence. I'm sure with time, I will be more comfortable in the band singer's skin.