Monday, June 1, 2009

Need a New Name

Arrived at practice Thursday to the band singing Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. Made me second-guess why they have me do their other lead songs, when L can sing pretty well. And man-songs at that.

Sigh. Is there no end to my insecurities?

Got over this soon after we started singing. Some highlights:

-Rearranged Lean on Me. What a riot that was. Started out acapella for first verse, then did the rest in a rock beat. Much better than our previous ballad attempts. I love being able to experiment.

L is the most open to experimenting. D is always open to anything I suggest. R is usually skeptical. B is supportive so long as he likes the song.

-We keep pushing our practice time to an hour past scheduled. Last week, we went through 18 songs. It is hard to stick to two hours when we are doing well.

-Sang Should I Stay or Should I Go. Surprise pick by L. Decided we need to practice outside of band practice time. I am excited to try this next time.

-I love rock n roll is hard to maintain at slower pace. I like this song a lot, but it is WORK.

We need a new band name. A chance for me to leave an imprint on our band. I love thinking up clever names, though nothing has come to me yet. I have been thinking of names that don't necessarily reflect that we have a female singer.

Our band plays classic rock. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

JP and the Crimson Clay Ensemble

or sticking with the red theme:

Crimsonica (okay, that sounds really, really punk!)

The Chordvettes (okay, stolen from a movie, and waaaayyy to surfer dude)

Retro - something?

RedRo Rocks?

okay, so I'm really bad at naming things! I can't even come up with decent titles to my own books!!

In the words of the same movie I ripped of earlier:

"Let's just call us The Band You're About to Hear!"

Suzanne Casamento said...

It has to come out of nowhere. Like there used to be a giant 70's green car parked outside our house and it seemed like people lived there. So we nicknamed it "The Green Car Motel," which ended up as the name of a friend's band.

Or another friend who used to play on his red porch, so his publishing company became Red Porch Music.

Is there something peculiar about where you rehearse? Something you can pull a name out of?

Pink Ink said...

Great suggestions, Wendy!! Oh, how you made my laugh.

Suzanne: You are so right. I will have a chat with the guys to see what we can come up with. I love band names with a story behind them.