Friday, June 12, 2009

My Little Notebook

I went to band practice last night with a little notebook of lyrics. Sang most of the songs without looking, but it made me feel better having it open in front of me on a music stand. We perform in under two months. Will I be ready?

Yes, yes! (Gotta think positive)

I can't wait to play for a live audience. I feel a little hemmed in by all the cords and mike stands and walls. I want to look people in the eyes and give them my musical message.

D asked if he could recruit this organist to play in our band, and the consensus was 1) I am going to learn some keyboards on some songs and 2) let's not add one more band member right now because there will some learning curve again.

Which means I have to learn the keyboards on some songs. A challenge I feel both excited and scared about! I will focus on the vocals right now but plan to ease into it soon.

Other highlights:

-Tried Should I Stay or Should I Go. Mmm. Needs a lot of work on lyrics. I will probably suggest to wait on this after our August first performance.

-I screamed at my son's soccer game prior to band practice, and I think it added a certain "bite" to my voice which seemed to please the others.

-I have a cheat sheet on It Makes No Difference lyrics, just some key phrases, and my brain kicked in to supply the rest. I am so relieved! R says he thinks that's the best I've performed the song.

-We kicked around some band names. We came up with one that a Maine band already has. So I have asked for more suggestions today by email.

-I love All Your Love (I Miss Loving). Cool, cool exotic opening.

-Nailed I love rock n roll; my owws sounded rock-ish and I did them at the right time!