Friday, July 10, 2009

Great Pretenders

Had a two-hour "pretend" performance at practice last night. Was starving when I got there, but singing made me forget. (I can't eat before I sing, or I have a hard time singing)

It's coming together, though awkward pretending that there really is an audience. I wish now I hadn't said some of my jokey banter, I might have to be circumspect the next little while so that they don't get stale with my band mates.

I wonder if very many people will come to our August first performance billed for "family and friends". Whoever shows up, I'll give it my best.

L rocked to "Rocking in the Free World" which made me wonder aloud if they really needed a lead singer. L said he plays guitar better when he doesn't have to sing. D said, if we didn't need a lead singer, we wouldn't have advertised for one. Turns out his son-in-law was their last singer, and he is invited to our upcoming concert. A little nerve-wracking for me; I hope we impress him.

We will see how this concert goes, and then we'll regroup and consider other venues.


Anonymous said...

The band couldn't play out anywhere without you.

- L

Pink Ink said...

L: Thanks. :-)