Friday, July 3, 2009

Four Weeks To Go

Last night, I realized, wow, these guys are really going out on a limb for me.

So I have been singing with them for about three months now. My voice is improving, and I am putting more expression into my songs. But occasionally I have to sneak a look at prompts and lyrics from my little purple book. I know the lyrics on a lot of songs, but for some reason, when I don't have them handy, my brain freezes.

Am I really cut up for this job?

Yes! Must think yes!

My band has performed before with the former lead singer, but they seem very nervous about our August first performance. I feel like I have much to prove, but I gotta think positive. At the very least, I want to have fun and make it fun for our audience.

Four weeks to go!

Almost had a blow-up about song choices. I told the group by email I don't want to perform certain songs because of the message. B disagreed and it became this argument about censoring songs. He said, they are just silly songs, the message doesn't really matter.

I didn't debate further, but for the record, I don't feel right about singing songs that are out-of-character. To me songs reflect who I am, and when the message is out of sync, I don't feel good at all. To B's credit, he was very polite about disagreeing with me, and I really appreciate that.

E-mail is my Waterloo.

Note to self: do not push send unless you absolutely are sure you will not regret it in the morning!!

I gave the band my songlist suggestion last night. The songs in question were not listed, but no one put up a fuss. My hope is that we have enough songs we agree on that the other songs will be a moot point.

For now, peace reigns.