Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I think I have about enough saved up for a new acoustic electric guitar, especially after my mom and dad's very generous Christmas cash gift.

Which is amazing, since I have usually frittered away my personal savings on clothes. I anticipate the guitar will make me look better (well, I'll still have clothes on, of course!).

I'm so excited!

I played carols at my mother-in-law's and niece's birthday party. I feel silly about "putting myself out there" so much, but it was great. It helped smooth the party anyway since the lunch fare was taking longer to cook than expected. I love playing the guitar and singing!!

I realized I didn't post about my recent "gig" at a nursing home with my girls. Last week they performed piano pieces with their piano teacher's group. I tagged along too and played my guitar, sang. There were four residents, only one of whom really got into our performance, but it was so worth it. I loved that intimate connection which a guitar gives me with an audience. After everyone played, the one resident said, "Are you leaving already?" in a crushed voice so I offered to play some carols. It was fun to bring music to these ladies.

I was disappointed that I didn't push through with my guitar class this quarter and thus didn't perform in a recital with them, but I feel like I am still creating musical opportunities for myself. My first priority is my writing but for some variety and spice in my life I will play and sing at every chance I get.