Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two "Gigs"

Well I have gone and done it. I volunteered myself as an alto to our church choir director and she has assigned me to sing in a trio for our Christmas program. I was terrified at the prospect when I looked at the music. But I am learning it, better and better each time.

Practiced for the first time today with two ladies. They are both very good singers. Especially one, who just learned her part today and sings effortlessly. She has a strong soprano voice. Some people just have that gift. Amazing.

I loved singing low to her high part. I am excited to arrive at a place where we can sing smoothly and harmonize. It's a relief that we don't both sing high because comparisons will be inevitable.

I will also be performing next week at a local festival of lights. I will sing while playing the guitar. My first public performance involving the acoustic guitar. I will mostly sing Christmas, though I'd love to throw in a few pop songs.

These songs are so different from what I was singing just a couple of months ago. These make me feel good and lift me up.