Saturday, September 19, 2009


Practice went so much better yesterday.

Especially since I told myself, dagnabbit, Jewel, have fun. Advice that came from an unlikely source: my hubby.

He didn't like the idea of me joining this band in the first place. Probably still doesn't, just not admitting it. But when I say, "I don't know if I can do this any more..." he says, you committed to this, so be a team player and buck up.


-Sang It's So Easy in higher key, and I liked that so much better. I sang it for L the way I like it and he found the right notes which I think is amazing.

-Sang my song Wishing on a Star and was thinking, "Wow, I can't believe I'm really singing something I wrote." Arrangement varies every time we practice it; I think I like the earliest versions as far as the guitar, though this last one I liked the tempo better. While singing it, I saw L watching my face, then smile at me, and I wondered if I looked so silly-transparent in my pleasure. For a rock band, this song is bubblegum pop, and I worry that my band mates don't really like my song. If they don't, they are good actors. (I have another song on the backburner. I wrote it with 70's sensibility in mind. Can't wait to come up with melody after this next performance. I hope the band will really get into it.)

-I don't like the message of the song I Wanna Be Sedated but I know the rest of the band likes to play it (silly that we are such at odds over one song), so I suggested that someone else sings it. This seemed like a good compromise. Such a relief for me to not sing it. It might not make the October first playlist yet because B kind of just got thrown into it and the lyrics had lots of "..." which I am sure confused him, but maybe in future. Meanwhile, I am off the hook. :-)

-We had so many songs! Probably at least three hours worth, and we have to whittle our list down to 2 hours. But it's good to know we are building up a repertoire.

-The band played the chicken dance. I'm looking forward to getting some audience volunteers to come up and teach the rest of the crowd. Our gig is at a military base, and it'd be a hoot if I can convince some hardened general-type to get up and do it for me.

One more practice week!