Friday, September 11, 2009

Feels Good To Sing Again

Scratchy throat today...almost losing my voice, in fact. Midday, went to practice which went very well. voice actually does better when I have a little raspiness to it.

It felt good to sing again with the band after about a month of a hiatus.

Practiced my song some more, and I liked the slower tempo better. Will go with the higher note.

Added Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" (which I really like) and "It's So Easy" (Linda Ronstadt cover of Buddy Holly's song). I will need to work double time on memorizing.

Just two weeks away until prime time!

R had a Martin acoustic electric propped in the basement. What a beauty. Someday, I 'd like one, too. Mentioned it to R, and he suggested I focus on the keyboard, which doesn't excite me as much, but I know I ought to give it a shot. After our October first gig, I plan to look up more music pieces to see if I can find some keyboards to complement guitar riffs.

A little rusty on lyrics, but for the most part, remembered them. It felt weird to stand there, panicky for a moment, and then the words just pour out. What a relief when that happens.

I kept wanting to sing "Stand on me" instead of "Stand by me". :-)